Termination Payment Clarification Is Good News for Employers

  A recently launched government consultation on simplifying the tax and National Insurance treatment of termination payments should help to clarify a complex area of the tax system for employers says Wolters Kluwer’s tax and payroll experts. The Simplification of the Tax and National Insurance Treatment of Termination Payments1 published on 24 July 2015 outlines…

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Welsh Move May be the Answer to Employers Workplace E-Cig Dilemmas

  Banning e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces will help to clarify an area that has sparked rows in workplaces across the UK say Wolters Kluwer’s HR and Health & Safety experts Croner. Over the last three years, Croner’s Business Support Helpline has seen a sharp increase in calls as e-cigarettes have grown in popularity. Mike Allen,…

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British Workers Too Busy to Take Holiday

  A third (33%) of British workers said they did not take all of their annual leave allowance last year because their workload was too heavy to take the day(s) off. While 13% said they felt they couldn’t take the day(s) off and 4% were worried what their work would think if they took off…

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Commission Payments Should be Included in Holiday Pay

  Domestic case law on holiday pay is fast moving towards European rulings, says Wolters Kluwer’s HR experts, after another important decision on the calculation of holiday pay ruled that the Working Time Regulations should be read so as to provide that commission payments be included in the calculation of holiday pay. Last year, in…

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Employee Benefits not Family Friendly New Report Reveals

  Despite the government’s best efforts to make the work place more family-friendly, the latest Croner Reward Employee Benefits Report by Wolters Kluwer reveals that less than half of employers (48%) offer enhanced maternity payments and only a third offer paternity leave above the statutory minimum. The specialist annual report reviews the benefits offered to…

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